Frequently Asked Questions

No- Casual attire is acceptable

Do to the limited size of the restaurant we do not accept reservations on the weekends. (first come first serve) On the weekdays, we accept all reservations.

Do to the limited size of our dining room, we can not save tables. Many times people are late or people arrive at different times. Its not fair to our other customers who are awaiting. 

Our fish is delivered fresh everyday.

Yes- We except all major credit cards.

No- We never except personal checks (no exceptions)

Yes- as long as you bring the proper paper work stating your organization is exempt.

Yes- Valet parking is available for your convenience.

Yes- Because of insurance reasons

No- We provide a piece cake complementary. (You may bring your own cake if you choose)

Yes- However you must make reservations with management first.

No- We are just a short walking distance from public beaches.

No- We are open 364 days a year (Closed for Thanksgiving)